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Extensive Knowledge For Mergers And Acquisitions

To position your utility company for growth, you may be considering a merger and acquisition. The skilled business law attorneys at Marionneaux Kantrow, LLC, can listen to your goals and discuss strategies to position your company for growth and success. We understand business and the specifics of tax laws in regard to mergers and acquisitions for corporations, limited liability companies and entities in energy, utility, water and transportation industries. Let our years of experience help you in your business growth plans.

Representation Through All Stages Of The Legal Process

Our Baton Rouge mergers and acquisitions lawyers have guided and advised a wealth of utility companies in these and other financial aspects:

  • Regulatory guidelines
  • Business formation and dissolution
  • Business mergers and acquisitions
  • Municipal franchise negotiations and utility rights
  • Asset purchase and sales

We know energy, utility and regulatory law, and have assisted a number of utility businesses to positive outcomes. Let us use the advantages of our 15-plus years of experience and knowledge to help resolve your financial goals.

Facilitating Your Business Transactions

We are reputable in the industry and can help your utility company with a range of essential transactions. Our strategic approach can assist you at the agreement and closing stages of acquisition. We can address your business legal needs, including contract negotiation, breach of contract issues, utility rights and rate regulation.

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