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Marionneaux Kantrow, LLC, is an experienced Louisiana litigation firm, representing individual and corporate clients in a variety of matters, including complex commercial litigation, contractual disputes, and injury issues. On behalf of utility clients, we also pursue and defend actions related to eminent domain/expropriation, utility franchises with municipalities and other political subdivisions, and other utility disputes not subject to the Louisiana Public Service Commission’s (LPSC) jurisdiction. Our attorneys also work well in a local or regulatory counsel role, complementary to co-counsel. Kyle C. Marionneaux and Kara B. Kantrow have backgrounds working in larger firms and, drawing on that experience, are able to provide seamless and non-duplicative assistance to other Louisiana and out-of-state attorneys with a diverse range of matters. In particular, many matters before the courts involving LPSC-regulated entities may strategically benefit from the addition of a related LPSC action. Our experience makes Marionneaux Kantrow, LLC, ideally suited to assist in considering LPSC-jurisdictional issues and whether a companion matter will be beneficial and warranted.

Marionneaux Kantrow, LLC, also has had significant experience and success in handling appellate proceedings, including appeals of district court rulings and regarding actions taken by Louisiana administrative agencies. Appeals of LPSC-jurisdictional actions are subject to unique procedural rules and burdens, and our attorneys have argued many of these before the Louisiana Supreme Court.

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As a final and important note, at Marionneaux Kantrow, LLC, we are aware that litigation has become increasingly expensive, and we strive to keep cost control and awareness a central and ever-present factor in all actions we take on behalf of our clients. Every expensive motion and discovery action need not be pursued to obtain a favorable result, and, on many occasions, the pursuit of such efforts may actually be counterproductive to the end result from a strategic standpoint. From the initial decision to pursue an action or defense in lieu of a settlement, to the pre-trial discovery and motion phase, and, ultimately, through trial and possible appeal, Marionneaux Kantrow, LLC, seeks to accurately estimate costs of each potential step and help our clients determine whether the cost is justified by the degree and likelihood of the possible benefit. Additionally, we continually take advantage of the latest technologies to maximize efficiencies and minimize staffing and other expenses, allowing our clients to realize these savings. Further, we can identify and are open to various alternative fee arrangements when the arrangement may provide benefits to our clients and is feasible for our firm. Contact us online or call 225-769-7473 for a consultation.