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Representation For Electric Utilities Matters

The attorneys at Marionneaux Kantrow, LLC, have extensive experience in representing electric utilities regarding regulatory issues and other non-regulatory contractual work and litigation. We currently serve as general counsel to the Louisiana statewide electric cooperative association, the Association of Louisiana Electric Cooperatives, Inc., and provide additional legal counsel to several of the individual distribution cooperatives. We have also represented investor-owned electric utilities, generation and transmission utilities, renewable resource generators, and other parties with related interests. We regularly assist clients in matters before the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) with ratemaking proceedings, the negotiation and approval of power purchase agreements, the negotiation and regulatory approval of mergers and acquisitions, territorial disputes and promotional practices issues, and utility franchises with municipalities and other political subdivisions.

We also regularly represent clients in rulemaking proceedings for the establishment and revision of LPSC regulations regarding electric utilities, including matters related to territorial rights, recovery of municipal franchise payments, promotional practices, renewable resources, energy efficiency, pole attachments, integrated resource planning, environmental expense recovery, transmission certification, customer refunds, vegetation management, net metering, utility security and cyber-security, and disaster planning and response. We regularly attend the open sessions and technical conferences of the Louisiana Public Service Commission and review LPSC bulletins and actions in electric utility-related proceedings, taking an active role or serving a monitoring function, as necessary to meet each client’s needs.  We also advise clients regarding issues related to and involving the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the Rural Utilities Service (RUS), and regional transmission organizations (RTOs).

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